Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

by Krista on February 19, 2014

You. We know *you* are vice-free, dear Daily Post reader. But, or perhaps we should say, “butt,” others around you and in your life are riddled with vices: they smoke; they eat too much celery; they hog the covers; they can’t keep their hands out of the office candy bowl. Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us VICE.


I don’t think there aren’t too many vices that I can’t deal with. I bet you’re loving that triple negative in the previous sentence but moving on. Although, the ones I do have a problem with can also be categorized as bad manners for the most part. If you smell like smoked cigarettes, don’t force everyone to smell it. Push your chair in after you’re done using it. Clean up after yourself, even if you think it’s a janitor’s duty to do so. Don’t steal.

My biggest pet peeve is when people do not capitalize the first letter of their own name on professional documents. I am not trying to put down illiterate people because I understand that not everyone has had the same opportunities as me. However, often it is literate people who are filing and writing professional documents and they should know better.

What I absolutely cannot stand is when people put others down for no reason whatsoever. I don’t care if you’re for gay rights or against them, don’t put down the opposing person’s point of view just because you don’t agree with it. If you are so passionate about an issue, do something about it other than yelling your views. This does neither party any good. 

Don’t be completely ignorant. Always be willing to realize that maybe you’re not the smartest person in the room and another person does know better. This is one more of a reminder to myself, first and foremost, than anyone else. And no, I’m nothing like Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones