Please don’t laugh at my first attempt. I’m aware that it could be much better than it is. But then it wouldn’t show my lazy side, now would it. Let me know what you think about my attempt at poetry.

“Living in the Future”

They say write about what you know

And it will automatically flow

They say just speak from the heart

And words will appear like art

As I begin to write my thoughts down

I realize I’m nothing but a clown

No matter how much I learn

No matter how much I earn

It will never be enough

It will all go away in a puff

Trouble is, I live in the future

No matter how much I wish I was not that creature

I worry, hurry, and forget to live

Soon the only proof of my existence will be the long bill

I put all my energy in making the future look pretty

All the while forgetting, I’m making the present rather gritty

One day, looking back, maybe I’ll realize

That it didn’t need to flow or even be pretty in order to materialize

They’re just words

And I’ve always just skidded past this beautiful world