Today’s daily prompt asked about sharing our wonderful dreams or if we didn’t feel comfortable with that, our worst nightmares. 

My professor handed us chips today. I had 2 bags of regular Lays and soda that I got a refill on. You can imagine how my “sugar crash” is effecting me now or perhaps, it’s much simpler than that. Maybe, it’s just because I’m lazy. That’s it.

Meow. Cats are cool.

I promise despite how this post might sound like later, I am not high. In fact, I have never done drugs my whole life, minus the ones that the actual doctor gives me, and I don’t even take it all the way through. I don’t even know where to get them or how that conversation even starts. Although, I’m learning more about it with all the different case law I’m being forced to read. 

Here’s how I imagine how that conversation goes:

Me: chilling at the library working on my notes, mind you, this is the undergraduate library

Me: still at the library until late hours of the night, thinking about getting sushi

random person: starts conversation about the weather

Me: go along with it and give random person full attention because I’m tired of studying

RP: so what do you do for fun?

Me: Netflix

RP: No, I meant, you’ve been here for a while. What do you do when you’re not here?

Me: Netflix

RP: um, ok.

RP walks away.


See, I am a boring person who has never even been offered. I just want to know how you begin to offer drugs to someone. Mind you, I’ll probably turn you in and never speak to you again but still, I’m curious.

I know what a terrible thing I want to come true.

As of right now, I’m kind of a person who realizes that if you dream something and want it to be true, there’s nothing “dreamy” about it left. You’ve got to pray, sweat, pay in blood and time before you can ever realize it and make it a reality.

Don’t you just love my organizational skills in this post? I bet you could never guess that I have a degree in English, could you? I blame my sugar crash and now, it is time for a nap.