Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

The clock: round with a gold rim around it with bits of it scratched off. Real gold? No, in fact the clock does not even work and has not in over at least 3 years. Yet it sits on the wall, in the middle of the room, ticking away like owns the room. No matter how many new batteries have been put in, after two hours, time slows down. It has been 1:35 since this morning but the clock can still be heard trying hard to make the minute hand move. The clock consoles itself by relating that “even a broken clock is right twice a day.” How could it be broken if it’s working to the best of its abilities? There’s not much that it can do besides waiting for the owner to take it to a horologist, a clocksmith. The clock continues on ticking away trying to make the minute hand move.

It has a black background with neon green letters so it can be seen at night. The owner uses the light to navigate around the room at night. The neon green light makes for a surreal atmosphere each night making the owner feel as if the ocean’s serenity is nearby. As the owner tries to sleep each night in this peaceful scenery, the clock’s constant tries to make itself work keep the owner up. Goddammit, that ticking! It’s constantly reminding everyone in the room of the time’s passing. It’s as if it’s telling everyone who’s willing to listen to a story. But the thing about this story is whether you’re listening or not, someone’s deleting it as it is being read out loud constantly. Who know when it will end? The annoying tick tock of the clock does not stop or even slow down for any time, good or bad. It does not matter to it whether it’s the worst of time or the best of times; it goes on ticking away as it hovers in the dark room creating a dreary night that makes sailors wander. What can the clock do at this point? In one moment, it’s serene and the next, it’s a monster – all depending on its owner’s mood. The clock tries to keep a constant pace as it moves the seconds hand but it cannot be true to itself and also please its owner at the same time.

The numbers on the clock aren’t roman numerals or even Arabic numbers but rather they’re simple English numerals. They make the clock feel unique but little does it know that it is a cheap $20 easily available from any store. What’s more is that it was bought on Black Friday for a much cheaper price. Come to think of it, it might have even been free for the first 200 customers or so. It believes itself to be a huge grandfather clock but in reality it takes up less than 4 inches of the room. It’s the only item hanging in the entire empty room. The clock’s broken body stands on the wall all alone but it doesn’t care because it knows of its owner’s love for it. The clock does not even realize that it serves absolutely no real purpose because the owner uses digital clocks to keep time and is quick to dismiss it, if not for the ticking. The digital clocks may be able to tell time better but this clock adds an auditory component that cannot be unheard and is far more important than the owner gives it credit for. The owner finds it hard to let anyone in but once someone or something makes its way into the owner’s heart, it’s there forever, broken or not. Perhaps, that is why this broken clock has moved with the owner to a different location and stayed with her for more than 3 years now.

The clock’s inability to tell time correctly only twice a day shows the owner that even with the best of intentions, sometimes life will knock her down. She’s just got to be able to be ready for the 2 minutes out of 24 hours when everything will be just right. Also, the gold rim with the paint peeled off tells the owner that before she will be broken from time to time but should remain true to herself, no matter what. Additionally, the black background with the neon green lettering of the clock indicate to the owner that even in the bleakest of times, one has to be willing to look for the light. This light may not be bright but just a simple dot instead. It’s up to the owner to find it. Moreover, the simple English numerals on the clock demonstrate to the owner that sometimes simple can be grand too. One does not necessarily need a complicated life before one can be the hero of their own story. One can find serenity, peace, and more importantly, herself in the simplicity of life and should strive for it. It’s not cheap but rather the most expensive quality one can hope for: to be a simple person. Further, the owner has kept it for so long even if it is broken because it serves as a reminder that all broken things can be fixed, one just has to be willing to put the work in. Lastly, it stands alone in the room because it illustrates to the owner that sometimes, she too will have to fight by herself but no matter what, she should stand her ground and soon enough, somethings might change.

The simple twenty dollar clock, with a gold rim and black background, filled neon green English numerals stands on the wall alone does not work physically but psychologically, it works wonders. The owner has kept this particular broken clock for more than 3 years because it serves as a reminder of the simplest truth of time: it can never be twisted or slowed down, no matter how many innovative ways may be used to fix it.