“Research Paper”

This past month I put so much effort in my research paper

Writing, Facebooking, critical analysis, Pinteret, outlining

A total of 12 hours spent this way

Truth be told, there may have been some Gmail chatter

along with Tumbler reblogging

But damn right, I got it done!

I felt great about myself thinking how I’d gotten away with doing so little

Why wouldn’t I be proud of myself for this?

Well, today, I got it back

And yes, in fact, I did research the wrong topic

And no, unfortunately for me, this was no April fool’s joke

This seriously makes me think twice before bsing anything else

Or maybe even actually putting in half a day’s worth of information and research

Yet I know how the inner working of my own mind

And the reality is I’m willing to make this mistake again and again

You know why? If I’m not interested, it’s not happening

This should just serve as an example of why the education system needs change

My excuse whenever I’m not up to par

Perhaps, one day, I will overcome my own mental incapacities

And I too will change