Nightly Musing

Ever wake up in the middle of the night

Bursting with a million and one thoughts

Unable to recall sleep until you let it all out

This rather restless life during the day leads to an uneasiness

Tired of repeating the same pattern day in and out

Unable to get off the tracks of my daily routine

But in these small moment during the nights is when I thrive

My mind expands and extracts all kinds of information

It’s so fast that I can’t write all these thoughts down fast enough

And I miss a few amazing ideas and then beat myself down for it

Still I continue to do this night after night

If as if it’s a secret love affair

That no one but the dimly lit room and I know about

Oh, how I look forward to these moments

Like waiting to fall into a lover’s embrace

I do wonder though how long this can go on

Until the world figures it out and

My thoughts are no longer a secret

What if the world doesn’t approve of my writing?

What if lose my nightly muse?