“Toxic Friendship”


Trying so hard to be a great friend

Listening actively to all your problems

Not judging your lifestyle in any way

Providing you with advice to the best of my knowledge

Trying to relate to your life even when I don’t agree

I think about ways of helping you even when you’re not there


But, once, just once, can you ask me how I’m doing?

I, too, am a person with my own sets of problems

I don’t expect you to provide me the answers

I just need you to lend me an ear

You don’t have to say much or even anything

Just your mere presence in my life will do

Why won’t you extend to me the same courtesy?


I don’t want to lose my friendship with you

You are meant to do great things and I know it

But I can’t go on pretending to be a friend

When you won’t even take a chance with me

Hate to give you an ultimatum but

You either treat me as a friend or

You lose my friendship