“To the Man Who Ran Over My Cat, Billie”


Her mangled bod lay just outside the driveway

The only image I have left of her is

Her white intestines sticking out of her stomach

And the blood spots scattered throughout

You probably didn’t even care to stop

Or let someone help or even think to tell the owners,



How could you know what she meant to me?

She was the first pet I had in over 6 years

She purred like a tractor and looked at me

With her small black innocence filled eyes

She was the keeper of all my secrets

She knew of the mishaps I got into even when

My parents didn’t even know about them

She would lie in my lap asking to be petted

She made my entire family open to the idea of pets


Did you know she wasn’t allowed in the house at first?

She stole all our hearts and warmed her way into every single room

She opened the door for every pet afterwards, be it cats, dogs, or birds

Bet you were so drunk out of your mind that you didn’t even notice

When you took away my best friend from me


Who knows how long she laid there awaiting a painful death

How could you do this and not tell someone?

Tell me how you live with yourself because

Even my hyper imaginative self can’t seem to figure it out

I look for the answers every time I pass the driveway and

Look at the spot where her ripped body lay