“Friday Night Regret”


It’s amusing how I remind myself every Friday night

As I turn the TV on and order food online

I fill myself a glass of soda and stuff my face with pizza

I think this will help me relax

But none of this time spent alone matters

I long to share it with you instead


Every Friday night I tell myself

That tonight I’ll be an adult

I won’t watch past two episodes of the same show

That I’ve seen more than a hundred times

I’ve deluded myself into thinking that somehow

This is where the comforts of life lie

Deep down, I know it’s not true

But I’m not sure what to do until

You come into my life and sit lazily

With me on the beige couch and color it with life


Every Friday night I tell myself

I won’t stay up past midnight

But then the adult in me decides no

I can totally rearrange my schedule

I can just sleep in late on Saturday

I’m happy with myself but is to too much to ask

About the simple comfort of your presence?

When will you be here?


Every Friday night I tell myself

I won’t fall into the same routine

And I disappoint myself every time

The same way you refuse to be a part of my life

I regret it every weekend but

Not enough to continue living without you