“Reasons I’m Scatter Brained” [Please read as if you’re listening to Spoken Word Poetry]

  1. My study desk is cluttered with school work. I have a funny feeling that one day it’s going to collapse from the weight of the course books. Sadly, none of these books are on my “for fun” reading list. No, I keep those books right next to my bed. Who else do you know that’s in the middle of 5 different books?
  2. I have enough tasks and appointments to keep to last me a lifetime, assuming I live to be 90. Then, I can rest. I have a calendar that’s filled that I want to move things to the next 3 years. People don’t appreciate it when it’s April 2014 and you say, let’s have lunch during the 3rd week of May 2015? Let me know what day works for you. I’m not being rude; it’s the only availability I have because I’m juggling school, work, and a little thing on the side: life.
  3. No matter what I do, I always seem to be behind on learning my cultural references. Even after setting aside dinner time to watch TV, I cannot get my fill. The next hour is filled with “interneting” because I’m afraid to miss the next viral video. I don’t like people telling me to “get with the program” so I put my own life program on hold for a while.
  4. The stove is filled with all kinds of food. The coffee pot sits staring at me to clean it daily. The takeout Chinese and the pizza boxes have taken over the rest of my kitchen counter. I cannot even eat in peace but I just haven’t got the time.
  5. There are clothes everywhere on the floor. How can I get anything done when there’s mess to be picked up. It’s a jacket but if I put it away now, I’ll just have to bring it right back out the next time I leave. There’s no sense in picking it up. Oh but then it looks messy. Decisions, decisions. I think it’s time for a nap now.
  6. People around me question my lifestyle. I cannot understand your need to stay Fuck every other word. Why can’t you just not cuss and if you must, why not do it sparingly so it has meaning? What is wrong with you? Why am I forced to hang out with you? That’s right. We’re the only people around for miles. Thank you, West Texas. I love you, too.
  7. Insomnia isn’t working to help me. I can’t go to sleep on time. My brain runs in another 50,000 directions nonstop. In the morning, I have enough caffeine to begin functioning like a normal human being. The two lifestyles are conflicting but I’d have to have a 24 hour functioning brain to make that leap. Oh well.
  8. Every time I sit down to write and get down to business, I look up to my inspiration board. It has a picture of a cat sitting idly while staring at the fish bowl. “Soon,” it thinks. That’s what I tell myself that soon I will be famous. I just need to stare ahead. Next thing I know, I’m billions of miles away on the T.A.R.D.I.S. fighting Lord Voldemort over the horrific ending of How I Met Your Mother. Going to this “la la land” is always the best part of my day.
  9. Ever have you support group taken away from you. Moving away from home isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. You have to start anew with everything. Even making friends becomes harder when you realize that these people cannot compare to your old ones. Who am I supposed to make fun of now and not feel bad about because I know they can take it. When I insult you, why aren’t you using your wits to get back at me and why exactly am I the bad person? These are the thoughts keeping me awake at night.
  10. The only thought that keeps me going even after all this and makes me somewhat functioning? I’ll make it because I’ve got someone powerful on my side, God.