“When Will I Be Loved?”


I’ve always known I’d be famous for something important

I day dream about this time more than I’d care to admit

Will it because I’m a writer, an actress, a lawyer, a doctor?

I’ve played each scenario in my head over and over again

I’d be highly influential and people would praise me

They’d want my autograph no matter where I went

They’d love me so much that they’d let me kiss their babies

I’ve deluded myself into this so often that

I even started to dabble in these arts a little

All the while I was forgetting the most critical aspect

Fame isn’t how you make people remember you

It’s when you listen to them at 3 am crying and not making sense

Especially if you haven’t spoken in over 5 years

It’s about making your presence felt through kindness

No profession can teach you this

It must come from within