“Texas Bipolar Weather””


I woke up to white little flurries falling from the sky

The cold air filed the atmosphere as I bundled up

The warmth from my latte calmed me as the chilly wind hit my face

I couldn’t wait to get inside my home and read under my blankets

Alas, the heater wouldn’t work


I woke up to the hot sun searing the sky

The heat makes me want to put on my summer dress

The ice from my soda is my only solace while I walk outside

I can’t wait to get inside my home and get rid of all my clothes

Alas, the AC doesn’t work


I wonder if I’ll wake up to a dust storm

If the air will be filed with red dirt blowing all round

Will I be able to get rid of it even with hundreds of my body washes?

Will I want to get inside my home to avoid it or will I be ready to endure it?

Alas, will my home windows close?

Texas: when will you make up your mind?