“Waiting at the Airport”

I wait at the airport to greet an acquaintance

I’m hoping that this might be our chance to become better friends

I look around the arrival pickup area where I’ve parked my car

It’s as if I’m at a car dealership

There’s a vehicle here from every walk of society

I can’t help but imagine how the other half lives

Will I ever be able to afford the luxuries that these rich people have?

Or am I already rich for already owning a car and just being a brat?

I turn away from these thoughts as I continue to wait

Good thing I brought my mind to keep me company and

Make up stories about anyone and everyone around me

I see a Korean family greeting each other

They’re so loud that they draw my complete attention

The two embrace each other as if the second they let go,

They’ll lost their other half for another innumerable years

I look away from their intimate embrace

I continue wondering if I’ll ever someone hold this way

All the while, I merely wait the arrival of my friend