“Terrible Road Trip”

Ever take a road trip with friends you just met

The road that always washes calmness over you

Starts to feel so much like an uncomfortable stranger

That you just can’t quiet seem to get away

No matter how hard you try

It’s only been 2 hours, only 6 more to go

The driver keeps getting us lost

She won’t turn on the GPS because

It actually keeps putting her on the right path

It’s been 4 hours, only 4 more to go

The girl in the passenger seat is snoring

She gets up only to begin telling us about drugs

And how she’s tried every one of them

And where to get them where we live

Why would I want to know that? Ever?

It’s been 2 hours, only 2 more to go

The girl to my right won’t stop sighing and moaning

Like she’s been forced to go against her will

All because we decided to get fast food instead

Of sitting down at a restaurant to eat

Great, now it’s 3 hours left

Then there’s me trying to listen to the CD

I’ve convinced the driver to put on about school lectures

The professor cannot be more boring

I’m trying so hard not to fall asleep

That’s when I see it: