“Conflict or Lack Thereof”
I’m not a big fan of conflict
I’m almost always the one smiling
People generally leave me be
I love it this way and to be left alone
No troubles needed here
I do love worrying about everything though
Creating conflicts in my head when none exist
Mostly, I fight with my fate and God
Sometimes I win but life’s in the running for now
Those days are just terrible but then again
I remember I’m not alone and at the end of the day
I’ve got my faith and God to see me through it all
No troubles wanted here
Sometimes people push my buttons and the warrior
In me comes out ready to fight for other’s rights
No, you can’t be mean just because you had an education
Its one thing to teach others but completely another
When you start bashing other’s believes and being arrogant
I will never let you get away with this, mark my words
I know how privileged I am to be literate
I will fight you tooth and nail until you learn it too
No troubles shall arise from you after this, either