“5 Places I’d Love to Visit”


Tour La Sagrada Familia, the architecture that’s to take a 100 years or more to be built

Best way to explore all of Gaudi’s buildings and letting the creativity flow as the brain splits

Listening to all the great singers like Montserrat Caballe and observing the Catalan society

Wouldn’t it be cool to leave the routine stress behind; instead just travel and have variety?


Indian tribes still somewhat live in peace following their own cultures

Best way to learn and respect different believes and not become total vultures

Releasing seal bladders and ascertaining how to protect myself in the freezing cold

Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel within the United States and be totally bold?


Visiting the pyramids that talk at night and tell their story

Best way to learn a lesson; how else would you learn the history

Riding camels and discovering an innovative way to keep cool in the heat

Wouldn’t that be the most wonderful way to become a world traveler and be totally neat?


Amazon rainforest houses 1 in 5 of every bird species, including the Scarlet Macaw

Best way to learn the transformation between the real predators and Hollywood’s faux pas

Giving time in events and finding out how to live in the tropical weather and the monsoons

Wouldn’t it be brilliant to travel deep in the jungle, night and day, even during high noon?


Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, the legend lived there, showing love to all animals

Best way to learn how kangaroos take care of their joeys and all the other mammals

Figuring out where Nemo was lost and realizing how to live in temperate weather

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to travel all together and light as a feather?