“A Lovely Short Story”

A tale of an ancient time

As Told through Haikus


I buy myself pretty things

Roses, Chocolate, Soda,

and everything nice


I don’t need your love

I’m happy as a clam on my own

But I do want you


You bring out the best in me

without even ever trying,

by just your mere presence


Let’s stop pretending

I reckon it’s the same for you

So just ask me already


We’ve traveled the whole world

We’ve been through loss and happiness

Here we are, still in love!


Can you believe it?

We’ve spent 2 decades together

We’re in love & truly blessed!


Not one second goes by

that you don’t cross my mind, not 1 day

You’ve passed away


There’s no one left to

bring me flowers to get through the pain,

to wipe my tears away


Your love has made me strong,

strong enough to handle life,

even see the beauty in it


All I can say is

it’s been a wonderful ride

thank you for loving me