“Life Lesson I Didn’t Learn in School”


I’m trying

To find a

New approach but,

It’s really hard to reach

the level of maturity

needed to be a competent

adult in order to survive

in this cruel, harsh, & diabolical world,

If only my education had prepared me.

I’m a college graduate, a master’s student,

still, I’m unfit to deal with the mean-spirited world.

Why do I feel as though my education has been for naught?

Why haven’t I learned any real skills in my more than 17 years of school?

Is life really about learning how to make more money? Always?

Because, that’s that message I’ve ever been taught throughout all my schooling;

In order to be successful, you must attain higher education.

There’s simply no way around it; listen to our teachings and you’ll be successful;

That’s how you get rich! Be rich and everyone will respect you and you’ll always be happy!

Throughout all my education, it never occurred to me to ask what is success?

No one ever told me success can never be measured with a dollar amount.

Instead, it’s calculated by the small moments of kindness when you selflessly give.

It depends on how many smiles you offer strangers on any one day.

It’s measured by how well you deal with those less privileged than you.

Success hinges upon your involvement in the community.

You become rich whenever you give to charity, always!

I could’ve been successful if I’d known this while in school.

Why didn’t anyone think to teach me how to be a kind person?

That’s what I call 17 plus years of learning down the drain.

If only my education had prepared me,

I would’ve known how to survive and handle

this heinous, evil, & wicked world.

All I ever have to do so

I could be extremely rich

& become successful

is easy. The lesson

is be true to myself

and simply be