“13 Ways of Looking at the Jungle”

I. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair:
A muckraker in the 1900s
Writing on the Chicago meat industry accidentally leads
And The Food and Drug Administration succeeds
II. Urban Jungle
Huge population but no thriving business, all on one side of the city
Too many people and not enough to enforce the rules of the standing committee
The hood & the Ghetto all-encompassing the concrete jungle, not too pretty
III. The Jungle Book cartoons
Mowgli, Bhageera, & Baloo
Running away & enjoying the Hullabaloo
Getting the breakthrough on their world view
IV. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)” by The TokensLion King
The Lion King at pride rock with Timon, Pumba, & Simba
The One after the Superbowl that ends the Marcel & Ross dilemma
The song that captures the journey from childhood to an adult, just turn on the antenna
V. Jungle board game
A Chinese board game translated as
Game of Fighting Animals
To mold the minds of kids through different channels
VI. The actual jungle
Home to a plethora of creatures
Land often near and confused with forests like features
Jungle Animals informs the young minds of all the four legged leaders
VII. Jungle gym
The civilized version of the real jungle for little children
Where kids climb and play while parents eat their fast foods like a villain
The smallest indicia of the outdoors for the inactive population of a billion
VIII. Law of the Jungle
No rules except Survival of the fittest
Mean Girls, best example out there & the wittiest
Anarchy at its highest
IX. Jungle Kartz Wii
An arcade racing game
Each animal with their own unique powers & claim to fame
There’s more kids playing games about jungles than exploring them, what a shame
X. “It’s a Jungle Out There” by Randy Newman
Monk, the character who understood the concept better than anyone else
It’s everyone fighting only for themselves
People will do anything for a little bit of wealth
XI. George of the Jungle
Branden Fraser, need anyone say anymore
Real life Tarzan come to life, makes me feel like a kid in a candy store
His son presented to all on pride rock; he’ll be the new guarantor
XII. Jungle temple
Naturally occurring phenomenon
Adopted in the Minecraft videogame like an automaton
Time well spent either way even while sitting in a room shaped like an octagon
XIII. The Call of the Jungle
Entices one with the stimulating colors
The sense of adventure attracts like lost lovers
Do you have what it takes to discover?