Breaking the Silence: Thoughts of a NOT-So-Fat Woman”

I’ve been visiting my hometown for the summer

So far, it’s been one huge and horrible bummer

Surprisingly, all people are noticing is that I’ve gained weight

They refuse to recognize the knowledge I’ve acquired, great!

I’ve been told I’m got a double chin developing

They’ve ceased to admit that my personal growth’s branching

I’ve been informed that I’ve gotten fat

They don’t know of my huge educational debt, drat

I’ve been instructed to get out there and exercise more

They fail to perceive that I’ve stretched my mind than ever before

What’s worse is it’s taken me a long to time to become healthy

I’m finally the right weight for my age and height but barely 

All everyone sees is my physical body and not who I’m becoming

No one cares for the struggle I’ve been through to get here, how revolting 

Not a single person gives a damn that I’ve finally beaten a disorder

It’s time for a change of scenery and to get my own life in order!