Are you better off than

Magnets Poem
Magnets Poem

the great silence ought to be
growing on
a thousand points of light

fear is
a revolution while crossing the world of
a law against the great state
I’ve looked in axis of evil

you can stop a cult of the evil doers
not to swap a peaceful welcome
unwarranted taxes carry
the bullet between a mother and child

the only thing a crook invented four years ago wasn’t
the internet
focus of evil in the modern world
it’s wonderful to be the
acquisition of learning and personality

if you can’t stand freedom, values, will, peace!

an idea on a big stick now by the river
recall I did not have influence
by passing facts I don’t understand
nation of tears stops here

are you the cause that delay a war or
that men and women were made with
no new universal fear is too big
I had the ballet itself to everywhere