I don’t know if I could ever pick one story to inject myself into
How does one even decide that? I doubt I could ever figure out my wishes for a genie
but I dream and even then I get confused about which fictional world to fall into

I’ve always wanted to be a part of the civil rights movement in the 1800s with my year 2014 knowledge
I’m terrified of how’d be received – a woman speaking out of turn – a colored woman at that – the blasphemy!
Would I ever make it out alive and well and even if I don’t, would it be worth it?
Would I have made any difference or would I just become a statistic?

I may seem all noble and up for any cause but I’m a real witch
I’d love to have supernatural powers like the ones in Charmed
How cool would it be to just freeze time and have a moment to myself,
to be able to see the past and understand it better, to see the future to make it better,
to be able to move objects with my mind, including transporting myself
Sure, I’d have to go demon hunting from time to time but it’d be worth it
I’d change the rules a little and have fun with my magical powers

With magic, there’s responsibility to be had, or not
How amazing would it be to attend one of Gatsby’s parties
I may not like Gatsby’s love life or approve of his lifestyle but
can one ever really turn down a Gatsby party, in the 20s?
All the fun and none of the responsibility of cleaning up

Now that I’ve written about three fictions I’d love to be in,
My mind’s starting to work overtime as if that’s possible
The need to do everything and be everything’s been awakened in me again
That is a blessing or a curse – I have yet to decide