Today’s daily prompt asked:

“Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?”

To me, this sound like a wonderful opportunity to brag about myself. I have a great and wonderful sense of humor. I may be the only one that laughs at my jokes and even knows about them but I like to think I’m freaking hilarious. Who cares if no one else thinks that? Right? At least I make myself laugh.

Going back to the issue at hand, shouldn’t we ask our friends this question? Otherwise, it just seems as though we’re bragging about ourselves, right? 

Most probably, my friends would associate my glasses with me. My glasses have become a part of my outward experience and I think they do say a lot about me. I have yet to fully integrate myself into the 21st century by getting contact lenses. It’s not that I don’t have them, it just I don’t like putting them on. They make my eyes itch. I prefer comfort over anything that might make me look more appealing. There’s only a few items that are comfortable yet appealing for women to wear. I might look like a hobo (not really) but guess what? I don’t spend much time itching my eyes when they get dried at the end of each and every night. I’m laid back with my friends and up for whatever but also, my friends know when they need me, I’m there. 

Also, I think my glasses show that I’m studious. Ha Ha Ha. Not really but I try. I still enjoy reading. My friends will ask me random question that I will not know the answer to most of the time. [Note: Stick with German chocolate every time you’re asked a random question and at least, the person will be in a happy mood.] I will take the time to look up the answer for them. My friends know they can count on me. If I can’t help them, they won’t have to ask but they’ll know I’m still researching the answer, hoping to provide them with the best advice possible.

Moreover, I think my glasses amplify my somewhat shy personality. I have no idea why I associate the two but every author has the shy character wearing glasses. Ever notice that? It’s not that I’m super awkward and can’t hold a conversation. I’m just plain awkward. Currently, my glasses are raspberry pink colored. Like my fun colored glasses, I, too, can be fun when I need to be. But, take a step back and at the end of the day, they’re just glasses, plain and simple, like me. I’m not too outgoing or too high maintenance and I think my friends like that too. I’m easy and a flexible person to hang out with. My friends never have to worry about being able to hang out with me.

I think that’s more than enough bragging about myself and how awesome of a friend I am. Of course, you should believe every word you read because it’s on the internet. We all know the internet is never wrong and everything here is fact checked at least three times. Even if you’re not laughing, it’s ok. I find myself and this “dad joke” hilarious.