Advantage of Foresight


Life’s fleeting and passing by every moment

No one knows how much time we’ve got left

And it doesn’t even matter, the length’s just a number


Losing a day to see the future isn’t that big a deal

Because no matter what, death’s still going to come a knocking

Nothing can ever be done to prevent that

But is it worth losing a day to find out what lies ahead?


It may be wonderful but takes the joy out of finding out for the first time

How we react to something unexpected, both good and bad, at a moment’s notice defines us

Even if we could see the future, would we read it right?

Would we understand everything it tells us or will we just be creating it based on the present information


We wouldn’t worry as much if knew it all works out in the end

But we all ready know that

God takes care of us, always

We just have to keep our minds open to His blessings!