Failing and Fear of Failure

Failure. That’s an event.

Fear of Failure: That’s crippling.

Know the difference.


If you’ve failed at something, it’s not the end of the world.

Your world might have ended but the vast world did not.

The world will go on without you.

As cruel as the world is, it will force you to face your failure yet again!

The world will test you until you succeed! So show it who’s boss.

Keep trying. If not this, then something else!

Fear of Failing:

The most cruel feeling and the worst part of the world

But don’t let it become your world

Think: what is the absolute worst that can happen?

Can it possibly end up on TV as an extreme satirical situation?

If no, get out of bed. Do it. There’s nothing to fear!

If yes, then you’ve already succeeded.

Making people laugh at a hysterical situation?

That’s the best thing there is. YOU have the ability to put a smile on someone’s face.

That’s amazing. Don’t let fear cripple you!