I think I’ve done a terrible thing

I’m still feel afraid to my core of someone finding out

I offered a strange man a ride to his home

He was walking under the hot Texas sun, holding his groceries

Late 40s, black man, blue shirt and jeans –

I am NOT supposed to talk to strangers but

something about him compelled me to put my plans on hold

I debated for a good amount of time and watched him walk a few blocks

I rolled down the car’s window to give my offer which he accepted

We had a nice conversation about the weather

The entire time, I was terrified of my life because Stranger Danger

The man was nice, told me he’d lived in same town as me since 1976

His house was right next to a church with a large chunk of land

I did a good deed. I did not die. I did not get hurt. He thanked me.

Why do I still feel as though I’ve done something terrible?

Because in today’s world, helping a stranger automatically means danger

Time to change that and it starts with me

Pass it forward!