Daily Prompt: If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

My paternal great great grandfather immigrated to whole another country for a better future for his children. He ended up having a small piece of land in a village. When his father passed, the land was divided into equal parts for his children. He sold his land so that his children could get an education. The entire family and the village ridiculed him for it. They told him it was the biggest mistake he could ever make and he would always be a loser. He didn’t care and made sure his kids went to college. My grandfather was the first engineer in that village. People began respecting him. My grandfather moved from the village to the city so his kids could have better education too. He tried to get some of the land back that his grandfather (my great grandfather) had sold but to no avail. But his kids (my father and his siblings) all got an education. My father moved countries for his children so we could have better lives and get an education. But while my father was in another country, my aunt sold our home in the city, the one my grandfather had worked hard for and not for education but only to support her extravagant lifestyle. I digress. Moving back to the story.

If my great great grandfather had dinner with me, he would be surprised to see that even though everyone told him he was wrong, his decision to sell land in order for his kids to get an education paid off.

But I think he would be most surprised to know tha it wasn’t the boys but the girls that got an education. 4 career women. And hopefully, by the time that dinner happens, I’m able to buy back that land for him, the one he sacrificed so many years ago so I can have the life I have.