This past week, Maid of Honor embarked on her wedding duties. The Bride made all of the bridesmaid shopping at David’s Bridal.

If you’ll remember, the bride had previously tried to take the wedding party shopping but unfortunate events occurred and the wedding stopped. However, the brides party remembered the good times.

The Maid of Honor was especially excited about going shopping again. She was a size zero and still considered the ‘skinnier’ of the wedding party. She didn’t participate in the rest of the bridal party’s insecurities, stating:

“looks don’t matter. It’s the personality that does.”

This past Sunday, the Maid of Honor had her image shattered. She was so excited to try on more dresses, sure that she would definitely find something in her own size but will be ok with the fact that others in the bridal party will have to wait for their dresses to come.

The bridal party picked out 4 different dresses. The bridal party asked to try them all on in their sizes. That’s when it happened.

The Maid of Honor tried putting on one of those dresses and could not even get it past her head. “What is happening? When did I get fat? I am not fat!” She thought.

She considered the possibility that some time has changed so it’s only natural that her dress size has too. She kept increasing the size to try it on. Eventually, she squeezed herself into a size 4. That size did not work in another dress. Ugh, she was so frustrated.

But we all know that the Maid of Honor is lucky. The one size that did fit, the bride picked!

The Maid of Honor had the following to say after her shocking realization that she had gotten fat, a size 4:

Wow, I am so full of it! Society needs to change but I must start first. I must change!”

Above article written for Daily Prompt which asks blogger to write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.