In response to the Daily Post: Music 

My whole life I’ve been tone deaf. Not really. But I have never given it a thought as it wasn’t going to help me become a doctor or so I was told. I can’t sing and I’ve always been mocked my family and told to stop as soon as I open my mouth to sing. I can’t understand the beat. I pretty much cut it out of my life, only listening when others had it on. It wasn’t until I got into law school (4 years ago) that I thought what the heck? I started listening to music. I’m still tone deaf. I still can’t sing. I’m convinced that I have the superpower to make people go deaf with my terrible singing. But I listen because even though I can’t understand the beats, I feel the emotions underneath the beat. I think that’s what music’s all about. What do I know? I’m as illiterate about music as a 4 year old.