The Quickening of my heartbeat

the next new challenge of my life

Observing a jury trial for a capital murder case

Everyone is so quiet; the silence is killing me

Can everyone hear the quickening of my heartbeat?

I’m not even involved in this case in any way

so why do I feel that a tsunami is about to be unleashed?

The defense team has more players than the prosecutorial team

Yet there’s more public sitting behind the prosecution than the defense

wonder if there’ve been any last minute surprises for either team

More importantly, why is this causing the quickening of my heartbeat?

Is this anxiety? Want for Justice? The search for the truth?

Let’s hope the judge isn’t too quicken to grant a judgment

There’s way too many guards here, wonder what the defendant’s done

Will his 12 peers be quick to make up their own minds

Who will win? Is there a win when a murderer is involved?

Who cares because all this is doing is causing the quickening of my heartbeat

It’s best that I go along with my life without thinking of all the strangers in the courtroom