I wish I didn’t have student loan debt.

I wish I didn’t have anxiety.

I wish I didn’t have depression.

I wish I could be good at something, at anything.

I wish I was good enough for my own liking.

I wish I did not feel so alone in the world.

I wish I could just take the easy way out.

Instead, I work daily so I can pay off my debt even when my mental illness has me down.

Instead, I use various breathing techniques to let the air stuck between my lungs out.

Instead, I fight the monsters in my own head to get out of bed.

Instead, I focus on learning a little about everything and re-learning what I already know.

Instead, I remind myself that I have it better than most and to be happy.

Instead, I force my introverted self to interact with as many strangers as possible.

Instead, I keep faith for a better tomorrow & put all my trust in Him.