Before I even speak, my skin color already labels me as a non-white, non-back, brown person. Many believe that I’ll never be successful because I’m not white. Many don’t believe that I’ll know struggle because I’m not black. Many believe that brown equals unintelligent. All labels. All stereotypes. All hurtful.

If you’re white, doesn’t mean you’ll always be successful. It takes years of work.  Just because you’re black, doesn’t mean that you’ll never not know struggle (or maybe that’s a stereotype/label I have. Not meant to be offensive). Just because you’re brown, doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent. There’s many different types of intelligences out there.

All I’ve learned about stereotypes and microaggressions is how to break them and make people confront the labels they’ve created for different races. I’m a brown woman. I came from a low income household. I am now an attorney. I don’t have a lot of money now but I live a comfortable lifestyle. What I do have now is this wonderful comment an advocate from a different agency made: “you’re breaking stereotypes all over. A woman. Brown. An attorney practicing law in East Texas [where it’s mostly a man’s world.”


This post is not meant to be offensive and I apologize in advance if it is.