Anxiety’s all about not having control (at least for me).

When moving to a new place, there’s no control over how it’ll go.

When starting a new job, there’s no control over how co-workers will receive you.

When current job hasn’t given a definitive guidelines on exit interviews, there’s no control on how it’ll end.

When there’s a quarterly review going on, there’s no control over how the supervisor will perceive it.

When court in another city gets cancelled, as a prospective juror, there’s no control.

Right now, I feel as though I don’t even a minimal amount of control over my life.

Cue anxiety attacks every hour.


Here’s what I do have more than a minimal amount of control over.

Enjoying the beautiful weather and interacting with those out & about

Making conversations with people from all walks of life – either outside or inside (internet)

The food I chose to put into my stomach – it’ll be yummy tonight. Definitely getting a coke (the soda)

How well I chose to dress up or down – pajamas in bed it is & that’s ok

Focusing on finishing my goals for March 2017 – visiting an art gallery & reading a fun book

Watching a variety of shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime – I chose.


While I don’t’ have control over the external things in my life, it’s all about focusing on what I can control. I suppose, it’s all about leaving it up to the One above & having faith He’s got the best life planned for you.

Perfect recipe for minimal anxiety attacks